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Selten wurde eine Zeitung von der Fachwelt mehr beachtet und mit Preisen ausgezeichnet als die portugiesische "i". So ist dem Statement der SND-Jury, die "i" in diesem Jahr zum Sieger der Top-Kategorie "World's Best-Designed" gewählt hat, eigentlich nichts mehr hinzuzufügen.

"What we recognized in this year’s winner was its fresh, unique approach. 'i' can inspire visual journalists and publishers anywhere in the world to rethink their models and revise or create new ones that best serve their audiences. They may look nothing like i. It won’t - and shouldn’t - represent everyone’s treatment. We encourage all designers to apply similar creativity and tenacity to finding their own voice and expressing it with conviction and excellence, no matter the size of the staff or access to other resources." ( http://www.snd.org/2011/02/snd32i/ )

Doch wer gestaltet diese Zeitung? Und vor allem: wie? Mit der Beantwortung der Fragen nach gestalterischem Anspruch und Vision bei der täglichen Arbeit und seinen persönlichen Top-Tipps gibt uns der Artdirector Pedro Fernandes einige Einblicke in sein gestalterisches Denken.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur best-designten Zeitung des Jahres.

Stefan Knapp

Der Artdirector von "i": Pedro Fernandes.

Q: What are the standards you aspire to and what is your vision in your daily work at your newspaper?

A: Our daily goals are always trying to create intelligent and exciting visual solutions for the news we have in the paper every day. It is not just about creating pretty pages. The important thing is always the news. And everybody is envolved. Everybody.
We always try to be very diverse in terms of graphics solutions, using plenty of illustrations, large and dramatic photographs, infographics and graphic ideas. That give us a very unique and distinct look. A very innovative one. A daily magazine look.

Q: As every editorial- and news-designer strives to learn from the best, it would be awesome if you could relate your top-advices or top-recommendations for "World's Best"-newspaper design.

A: Top recommendations: as I said before, it's always about the news. We can not create visual solutions if we do not regard the news itself. And all of the people in the newspaper need to be very involved. For that communication is very important too. As the news changes throughout the day, we always have to discuss the concepts and pages. All the time.
Another very important lesson: everything is possible. If we have an idea, we do it. Even if it seems impossible to accomplish in the beginning. We always want to embrace and explore new ideas. And we never know if it's going to work until the end. Very often the result is fascinating. But sometimes we also fail. But it's a risk we assume. The secret is that we always go for it.

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