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Unsere nordeuropäischen Kolleg/Innen laden herzlich ein zum Regionalkongress der
"SND Scandinavia" im finnischen Oulo vom 14.-16. Mai.

Wake up! See things in different light!
It´s time for SNDS to go north this year. Finland is the country, Oulu is the city and Kaleva is the host of the seminar in May 14-16.

May is the time of white nights in Oulu. It means that the sun does not set at all at night. You have a wonderful opportunity to be awake and see things in different light with exiting journalism gurus, wizards and colleagues.

Director of SNDS Chinese Lily Lu speaks about newspaper design in Asia. Designer and consultant Javier Errea from Spain and visual journalism teacher Cristobal Edwards from Chile offer more ideas from far away places. Errea is the designer for Expresso, one of the SND Best Designed Newspapers. Edwards analyses the color palettes in South American and European newspapers. Present is also Melanie Shah, business development manager for Newsplex, who speaks about organizing  a newsroom in the new media, and game research scientist Tony Manninen, who takes us into the world of Ludo Craft.

Take a look at
www.snds .org and learn more about the seminar and Oulu. Don´t miss the Huutajat-video and the goof game!

See you in Oulu!

Pirjo Tuovinen

Even reindeers can be seen sometimes in Oulu Market Place.
Photo: Eljas Sallmén

See things in different light and from different angle in Oulu24 in next May!
Photo: Jarmo Kontiainen