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Claus Meyer. Photo: Jacob Ehrbahn

Welcome to SPACE!

Join the SNDS-seminar, Copenhagen Space 2012, September 27-29,2012

We invite you to a workshop that focuses on the digital challenges for old and new digital newspaper brands. It's very simple: "There will always be News. There will always be Design. News Design faces a great future". And this workshop will look into that future and the endless space of possibilities.

We invite you to a workshop that offers the best speakers in our business. That is Graphics Editor Steve Duenes from New York Times! That is the awardwinning Photographer Lærke Posselt! That is the succesfull news brand Creator Carles Capdevila from ARA in Barcelona! That is Art Director and Master of white space Haika Hinze from Die Zeit! That is the Guru of our business Mark Porter! That is Arne Edvardsen from Bergens Tidende, Bengt Engwall from Norrköpings Tidningar and Sami Valtere from Helsinki Sanomat! And other inspiring names from regional papers, national papers, international papers and from outer space.

We invite you to an Award Show that will celebrate the best Scandinavian News Design! In other words the proven best news design in the world!

We invite you to a workshop that offers the best facilities ever! The workshop venue is itself a living proof on what good design does to people. Experience it for yourself!

We invite you to a workshop that offers the best food ever at such an occasion! The Godfather of THE NEW NORDIC CUISINE Claus Meyer will talk to you and feed you!

We invite you to meet old friends and make new friends in the beautiful September weather by the spacious waterfront in wonderful Copenhagen.

See you, Søren Nyeland, SPACE-chairman


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